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Banquet Policies

The following information will familiarize our members, guests, and event planners with Huntington Hills' policies and procedures associated with private functions. The information in these guidelines is essential for the success of your function.

1. Guaranteed Count- We will require the guaranteed count usually 10 working days before your function. This will ensure we can arrange the proper level of staffing and purchase the necessary food and beverage. Once the guarantee is set it will not be subject to reduction. Your final guest count will be the amount billed at the close of the event. A guest count will be taken during the course of your event  and any guests above the guaranteed number will be added to the final billing. In the event that no final guarantee is received  72 hours prior to the event, the last estimated guest count will be considered a final guarantee and charges will be incurred for that  amount.

All guests are charged the same rate unless the guest is a baby in arms who will not be using a plate, napkin, or chair.

All prices are subject to a service or delivery charge, and all applicable state and local taxes.

All times listed on Banquet Event Orders for food service times are final. We will adjust to client time change needs to the best of the clubs ability. Please keep in mind that the club will not guarantee food served past a fifteen minute delay in food service time as this jeopardizes the quality of your meal.

    2. Leftovers- According to local health department standards, left over food served buffet style is not to leave the facility. Credit will not be issued for left overs.

    3. Menu requirements- All food and beverage must be purchased from the club with the exception of wedding and birthday cakes, and a $.50 per person plating fee will apply on all cakes. No outside alcohol permitted to be carried onto Huntington Hills' property, including all banquet rooms and parking lots.

    4.Sales Tax- Local and state taxes will be added to all food item and services. If your group is tax exempt, a tax exemption certificate is required prior to your function.

    5. Gratuities- The total estimated cost does not include a gratuity for your service staff. The gratuity will be added to the final food and beverage in the amount of 18% with a minimum of $100.00.

    6.Payment- A deposit is required to book any function. Huntington Hills Golf and Country Club, Inc. requires a non-refundable deposit equal to the amount of the room rental charge in order to guarantee space on a definite basis. Deposit is non refundable and non transferable, due to the low probability that we will be able to book another function on short notice for that date. Until a deposit is received the event will be considered a proposal and can be preempted by booked functions. The remaining charges will be due prior to or on the day of the event.

    7.Decorating- Huntington Hills staff does not decorate for functions, however they do set the tables with linens and place settings of utensils and water glasses. Outside florists are welcome and you may decorate as well. We do not allow items to be hung from the walls or ceilings with tape, tacks, or nails. No glitter, confetti, rice, or bird seed is to be used. Votive style candles can be placed on the tables using proper care not to damage tablecoths with wax spillage. There will be a $21.00 replacement charge for damaged tablecloths.